Our story

Longboard is 21 years of history around actions sports the outdoors.

It is a lifestyle, associated with strong values. Longboard is the taste of freedom and adventure to discover landscapes and meet new people. It is also events and strong collabs in brand identity: 10-year anniversary collab with KENZO TAKADA, CELIO collab or even SURFRIDER… Shootings all over the planet (Bali, California, Australia, Hawaii…) , more than 20 variations of logos, TV campaigns… and above all, a historic team.

Longboard is more than a brand, it’s a state of mind we aspire to.


Traveling in the Longboard world

Longboard has been reflecting the freedom of a simple life since 2001.

Longboard was born from a shared passion for outdoor sports between ocean and mountain, van adventures and the sound of the waves looping in our ears in the south of France.

Discover our values

1st Longboard magazine

After a photo shoot in the French Alps, Longboard officially launches into winter sports clothing and equipment, and this is just the beginning…

Arrival of the iconic logo

A strong brand, a strong logo! 

The brand is recognizable through the form of skate, surf or snowboard. 

The logo allows the brand to remain anchored in its favorite universe.

Our brand values

Our first brand values are written down and put down on paper. In 2004, freedom was part of a "break the rules" movement. 

We find the same values there today: "go where you want" "be free to choose".

The south of France, symbol of our heritage.

The passion for a simple way of life: sun, cicadas, tranquility, family. Strong values that drive the brand. In an environment conducive 

to active sports: skateboarding, surfing, windsurfing…

We fly for a photo shoot in Hawaii

We leave the continent for the first time, heading to Hawaii. 

We take with us a few surfboards, swimsuits and a camera. 

Adventures begin…

We adopt the attitude of the "engaged surfer".

Coming back from Hawaii, reality catches up with us, our oceans are completely polluted. It seems crucial to us to find ways to become "engaged surfers". 

2009 marks the beginning of a collaboration with Surfrider, a foundation for a collection committed to fighting pollution in the oceans. 

New destination, new challenge

As soon as we got home, the city blues caught up with us. The call of the ocean is felt! 

We then embark on a new destination, a new challenge: surfing the Indian Ocean.

Longboard celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Longboard celebrates its 10th anniversary. We take the opportunity to remember the events of the past and to be inspired by them for the future. And by the way…

Collaboration with Kenzo Takada.

Longboard signs an exclusive collaboration with Kenzo TAKADA. 

We welcome him to our offices in the south of France to design, in collaboration with our stylists, an original ski, 

surf and outdoor collection.

California sun

The 2010s... The era of high-heeled sneakers, over-the-top accessories, neon clothes... 

It was California that welcomed us for an exceptional shoot!

Partnership with WWF

Partnership with WWF, the World Wide Fund for Nature. 

In the desire to strengthen our commitments for the planet, animal protection and in this way 

to offer you collections that respect our values.

Welcome aboard !

The Longboard logo evolves. We want something more refined and we add two words that mean a lot to us: Welcome Aboard! 

They reflect our desire to take you everywhere with us and to share moments together.

Travel to Australia

To celebrate, imminent departure… 

On the other side of the world. Australia, 10 days on site hunting for the best surf spots and the best beaches to shoot t

he new collection and make you dream with us. 

We also shoot a limited Longboard collection at Célio. In our desire to make collaborations and share 

common values with brands and personalities that speak to us.

New season, new trip!

Departure for a road trip in Scotland with our must-have Longboard: fleeces, backpack and sunglasses. 

Family atmosphere, campfires, breathtaking landscapes. A moment to breathe and take the time.

Van Life

We missed the road trips. This time, direction Brittany. The temperatures were mild, the water very cold. 

We shared moments together, walks, picnics, games on the beach…

Travel Travel

A hint for this destination? We stay in France, with 8 hours of flight. Answer: Guadeloupe! We report on our influencers to highlight their adventurous side, their passion and also moving moments shared together. You can find the videos on our YouTube channel. 

Longboard innovation

Longboard is a pioneer of this innovation that transforms a basic into a fun and creative experience thanks to Magic Print. 

Patterns appear once the swimsuit is in the water.

Collab Longboard x Mr. Mme

A brand new Collab is born between Longboard x Mr. Mme. 

In the spirit of collaborations, a fresh and playful collaboration.

Back to basics

We are going back to basics in 2022, our original logo represents our identity and our values better than anyone, so it has been reinstated!

On to the future!

The Longboard brand has many good years ahead of it and we intend to take advantage of it. With more social and responsible commitments, more collaborations and many other trips in anticipation to continue to make you dream!