Together for a better future

The ocean and the mountains are the brand's favorite playgrounds, it seems crucial to us to evolve our methods for a more positive impact. The solutions to limit the environmental impact of textile overconsumption require more reasoned and reasonable consumption. Our commitments are therefore multiple to meet this challenge.

Better designed products

Recycled materials

The first step in meeting our commitments is to use materials that allow for better product circularity and reduce their impact.

Recycled polyester

Polyester can be recycled from textile production scraps, used clothing, and also plastic bottles. This process reduces waste, air, water and soil pollution.

Regenerated cotton

Regenerated cotton is made from cotton scraps and recycled plastic bottles for polyester yarn. It therefore makes it possible to reuse the fibers instead of throwing them away.

Natural and organic materials

Always with the ambition to improve our impact on the environment, we use cotton from organic farming to manufacture our products and we are committed to being able to follow the entire production cycle of our products through extensive certifications.

Organic Cotton

Choosing organic cotton means choosing a better world that promotes biodiversity and crop rotation. It is part of a desire to reduce chemical fertilizers and pesticides, for our well-being and the respect of those who cultivate it. All these commitments allow us to ensure a better and more environmentally friendly manufacturing cycle for our products.

OEKO-TEX® certification

The quality of the products and the respect for the environment go through a meticulous selection of the raw materials used in the manufacture of the products. Thus, the Sun City group adheres to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification. This certification guarantees that the fabrics do not contain chemicals harmful to health

Responsible and environmentally friendly packaging

Beyond our products, we also act on the packaging and printed elements that surround our products. In this approach, we have several certifications to guarantee that our packaging only uses FSC-certified fibers and that we only use Imprim' vert approved suppliers or the PEFC label which guarantees the use of responsible sources and the sustainable management of forests.